(Feature Film): The Wives of Nobody

The sequel to My Name is Nobody. Phillip finds himself with no way out, feeling betrayed by three wives. He reflects on his past and struggles to find peace and feels his only solution is to end it all.

​As a writer and an executive producer I want to make your heart pump, make you scratch your head and say who the HELL thought of this? There are great films like The Dark Knight, Avengers, The Watchmen, or even the Green Mile that have accomplished this feat. When I wrote Movie Madness, a VERY VIOLENT MOVIE, I WAS TRYING TO CAPTURE REAL LIFE EVENTS WITH A TOUCH OF THE BEAST AND RELIGION. BE IT THE FORCE, GOOD VERSUS EVIL, IT ALL NEEDS TO DO TO YOU WHAT MOVIE MADNESS DID ACROSS THE COUNTRY: MAKE YOU TAKE A STEP BACK AND LOOK AT THE WORLD WE LIVE IN AND SAY WE HAVE TO MAKE A CHANGE! 

(Feature Film): MADNESS II
The head of a major corporation is trying to monopolize the tech industry. Our masked madman is hired to assassinate him and has found he's met his match.


​​​STRIPPERS (Feature Film)

An uncensored heart wrenching true story of three women who reveal all of themselves. Don’t let your eyes or ears deceive you. What you’re about to experience is the naked truth.


MOVIE MADNESS (Feature film)

A movie bootlegger stumbles into a theater of murder and madness after it’s taken over by a demonic hitman


In Development

 Bikini Body Conscious Living (30 x 30 Talk Show)

An up and coming half-hour talk show featuring a panel of diverse and courageous women that speak straight from the hip about a variety of fun, informative and heartfelt topics. Features healthy cooking, fitness, finance, celebrity interviews and real talk with real people that have experienced life.


(Script): Jaiden

​A father's love knows no bounds, in life and even death.

(Script):Puppy Love

Time and space cannot separate true love... even for dogs.


The hunt for a suspected hijacker uncovers a plot to raise American kids to be terrorists.

(95 min. Feature film): An original vampire saga from writers Phillip Penza, Leo Wong and Ramsey Penza. A thriller that pits good against evil.


(Novel): A vampire thriller

(Handbook): Volume 1, the basics of body shaping Next Level style

(Handbook): Communication and understanding are the keys to success, without these two ingredients you will not elevate financially or spiritually

Literary Works

In Production

Completed Shows:

(Feature film): ​Nobody's Friends

​In pre-production

(TV Series):The Messenger

​An anonymous group of parents seek justice against criminals who hurt children.

In pre-production

Just Leo (30 min. Pilot)

A sitcom about an Asian man who is a successful movie producer that decides to adopt a child. 

In production


(Novel): Dedicated to his mother, Phillip Penza shares the story of his life. An emotional ride involving family, love, gangs, the military and boxing.

​Available in paperback and on Kindle, nook and iTunes

(Feature film): An original story written by Phillip Penza. A twist on the life of Billy the Kid.


(123 min. Feature film) - Written and directed by Phillip Penza, based on his book of the same title. 
A coming of age action/drama about a man who struggles with racism, love and loss.


(TV Series): Paparazzi The Starmakers 
​A televised competition in which people have the opportunity to act with a surprise celebrity. The contestants will compete regionally first, then to the semi-finals and lastly off to the finals in Hollywood where they compete to win $100,000 in cash and prizes and the opportunity to have a speaking role in a feature film. 

​​​SCRUTINY (Episodic Series)
​The women of “Scrutiny” bond in this heartfelt docudrama based on true life stories by sharing the circumstances that lead them to the same intersection in life. An emotional dramatic ride that involves the relationships and situations these women experience in their lives. EVERYONE HAS A STORY​